Losing Focus – 5 fast and easy tips to collect and redirect your thoughts

Ironically enough, I wrote this title a few days ago, and every time I told myself I will start writing what’s on my mind on the subject, I just did something else!

Is it my mind’s way of telling me you are the last person to talk about focus 😅

Well, shushing my thoughts and going ahead with writing this is something I will do as part of the solution to my “loosing focus” issue and as a proof that my tips do work..

I have found that discarding all pop-up ideas and completing what you have in hand in spite of all the distractions is the best way to tackle this.

So here are the best techniques I use when my mind wanders away from my sunject of focus:

1- take 1 minute to just clear your mind and dismiss any thoughts before trying to focus on a particular one, you need a clean slate for the idea you want to focus on to be printed on.

Do a breathing exercise, or just simply take some regular deep breaths, you can doodle for a minute as a way of emptying your mind, walk or jump in your place, it all helps, but most importantly take all the time you need to reach that state of a clear mind, it may take you 2 minutes or 3, not so much longer than that if you are in a regular state.

2- After clearing your mind, put a clear title or heading in you mind, of the thing you need to focus on.

Just a heading, no details, fill up that clean slate you have created with the ambiance of whatever you want.

e.g. if you want to focus on work, get yourself in the mood for work before focusing on the detailed matter, sit straight, put on your glasses if you use them, put that perfume you use on a daily basis to work as the sense of smell helps connecting the thoughts and setting the mood in a big way.

3- After getting in the right atmosphere, start dragging the particular idea to your mind, don’t rush your brain into overdrive, let it work on its own pace, as I have found that trying to figure out something very fast turns into a long process, while launching your brain in slow speed and taking breathers to let the thoughts set and organize itself will actually turn out to be faster in the end.

4- Don’t say “all or nothing”, if you find it hard to process some topic or solve a problem or finish a project in one sitting, that may be because it’s not a one sitting project, don’t say am not able to focus enough right now, I will leave it aside and get back to do it all at once in full speed once I have my undivided attention.

That is shooting yourself in the foot, and believe me, this knowledge comes from experience. I have turned my feet into a strainer when it comes to shooting my self in the foot with that resolution.

If you are not focused enough to do the whole thing, just do whatever the amount your mind is capable of doing at the moment. Don’t say “all or nothing”, “something” is fine for now.

5- Drink water! and no this is not a trivial addition to the subject, this is vital in this case, and not because drinking water is healthy, it’s because sometimes when you loose focus you are dehydrated, and you need old plain water.

A simple glass of water will do miracles in terms of focus and waking the brain up. Coffee does not count, nor tea or soft drinks, not even juices.. just try plain water and you will most definitely know what I am talking about.


Published by Haya Sharani

An employee, entrepreneur, wife, friend, cat-mom, and very interested in mental health and psychology tactics.

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