Films of human value you need to see from 2019

As a movie loving person, or a cinema geek to be honest, the movies of 2019 have been delightfully surprising.

After a couple of years being not the greatest in cinema history, IMO, and many of my movie enthusiastic friends’ opinions.

2019 has delivered some films of great substance, along with quality execution.

I could go on and on for a hundred pages talking about films and cinema, but I will restrain myself and use my focus recollecting techniques, check out and only write about the point I had in mind for this article.

Among the many beautiful films of 2019, the following ones have managed to touch the deepest of emotions inside of me, as a human being, as a woman, or as someone searching for some balancing thoughts:

1- Togo, lets start nice and cozy with the amazing Disney film, that did not get the proper acknowledgement and publicity. it is the amazing story of a pack of dogs, strong, loyal and magnificent, saving human lives, Togo is the perfect film if you wanna experience a full range of emotions and enjoy your time in the process.

2- The two popes, this movie has the best of all, the rich scenario, the insightful discussions, the well crafted and well presented characters, some historical facts and the song “Dancing Queen” by ABBA.

The delightful real life/cinema blending is the cherry on top of the decadent sundae that is this film, do not skip on it, it really is worth watching on every aspect.

3- Bombshell, this film is also under-rated. Aside from being based on a true story of corporate world, as a woman, I felt like I want to make everybody I know watch it and try to put themselves in these women’s shoes. Sexual harassment is much more than physical discomfort, it is distressing in every way, and yes, even though “some” times a woman has the choice of saying No and walking away, she should not have to make that choice in the first place.

It’s horrible enough to face the choice between professional growth, between everything you dreamed of and worked hard for and the ability to say no.

To be objectified and held back from your potentials is bad enough. When the Hollywood movement against sexual harassment first started, I have to confess, after hearing some stories I thought to myself, well you had all the choice to say no, you chose the fame and money. I regret having that idea even for a second, after seeing Bombshell I realized it’s not only about fame and money, it’s your ambition, your years of hard work and studying, your family’s quality of life.. etc.

We might have the ability to walk away in some cases, but we should not be in that position, we should not have to walk away from everything we accomplished or endure being objectified and distressed.

If you are not planning on seeing a big number of movies, please start with these 3, they are not just beautiful cinema, they are also nourishment for the soul and mind.

And if you are interested in films and movies, follow this blog as I don’t think I will stop writing about it anytime soon😁


Published by Haya Sharani

An employee, entrepreneur, wife, friend, cat-mom, and very interested in mental health and psychology tactics.

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